John and Carole talk about their experience living at Evermore and the relocation from Port Macquarie to Forster. 

- John and Carole previously from Port Macquarie

Since moving to Evermore over 1 year ago, Bill and Brenda have been very active within the resident community with Bill holding the position of committee chairperson and Brenda the secretary of the resident social club

- Long time locals Bill and Brenda discuss their time at Evermore

Bill and Val with the help of their family researched from the Newcastle area and north with Evermore Retirement Living Forster being the standout amongst all other retirement villages in the region. With Bill being an architect during his working life, they both appreciate the layout and design of Evermore with all the the facilities located within a short walk from the apartment and importantly undercover.

- Residents Bill & Val talk about their experience living at Evermore Bruce st Forster!

Margaret decided to sell her 1 mile beach home in Forster and relocate to Evermore and hasn't regretted one bit! A long time local, Margaret has built so many more new friendships since moving to Evermore. Margaret's family say it's been one of the best decisions mums made in a long while moving to Evermore.

- 1st Evermore resident Margaret talks about her time at Evermore

Barry and Judith have been living at Evermore for over 2 years now and love it! 

- Barry and Judith talk about living at Evermore in Forster

Anita visited many retirement villages throughout the area and fell in love with Evermore! Maggie has been living at Evermore since October 2015 and loves the lifestyle! 

- Anita and Maggie love Evermore Retirement Living!

Ann visited Evermore in January 2016, placed a deposit, in no time sold her Lake Macquarie home and relocated to Evermore. Being a baby boomer she has high expectations and from what Ann says in the video, she is so happy she made the move to Evermore in Forster!

- Ann talks about Evermore, Forster and the relocation from Lake Macquarie

Don and Val recently moved to Evermore and love it! Currently featuring on channel 9 advertising. 

- Don and Val recently moved to Evermore

Friends Rhoda, Val (L) and June (R) talk about their experience living at Evermore. All 3 are local and been living in Forster for over 10 years but only met whilst living at Evermore.

- Rhoda, Val & June are very happy they made the move to Evermore

Ray and Maree currently living at Evermore Retirement Living and featuring on our channel 9 television commercials. Appealling to all the baby boomers out there looking for a village - look no further, come to Evermore, you'll love it! 

- Evermore residents Ray and Maree call to action!

John relocated from a villa to an apartment at Evermore back in July 2016 and talks about the financial advantages of living at Evermore compared to a villa. He is very happy in his decision to downsize and relocate to Evermore Retirement Living Forster!  

- Evermore resident John talks about the financial aspects

Del is pictured centre and sharing the good times with friends Carole (L) and Lesley (R)!

Within this audio file Del explains;

1. Her accident where she fell over in her apartment and experienced the immediate and ongoing assistance from the Evermore staff and residents

2. Convenience of living at Evermore

3. Medical facilities located around the corner

4. Living costs comparison of a 3 bedroom home in Wingham to a 2 bedroom apartment at Evermore

5. Meal cost comparison to home cooking verses Evermore restaurant convenience

Del's detailed account of living at Evermore Retirement Living in Forster NSW is one of many real life stories of people residing in this beautiful retirement village.

If you are thinking of downsizing and moving to a retirement village then consider Evermore in Forster on the beautiful Mid North Coast of NSW!

Come in and see it for yourself!

Make an appointment today! 

- Del provides a detailed account of her experiences living at Evermore in Forster

In life and through the years one has learnt to come up against challenges and making decisions, some right some wrong. The art of making decisions is not to rush in with good intentions, but to weigh up all the pros and cons. That’s exactly what I did when I made up my mind to come into Evermore Retirement Living in Forster. Over the last 2 years the right decision was made and I’m going to live happily ever after!


Rhoda (R) with friends John and Val celebrating recently at Evermore. 

- Rhoda's living happily ever after at Evermore

If I’m finding it hard to sleep at night I don’t have to count sheep as I cast my mind back to when we were living in our 5 bedroom home and the hours it would take me to clean it including all those windows! At Evermore it takes me 10 minutes and I’m done! It’s such a relief not to spend hours cleaning each week.
We are so happy we made the move from Port Macquarie to Evermore in Forster!

- Margaret and John​

Margaret’s Testimonial

I moved to Evermore on the 6th of October 2015. It has been a very happy journey. I that time, I have made a lot of new friends, the staff and management have made me feel very welcomed as well as the residents!

We enjoy the gym, movie theatre, library, pool, roof top spa and bar and love how close I live to the lake, Forster’s main street and around the corner is my doctor! Our meals are always very tasty thanks to our kitchen staff and special event days like the Melbourne cup, it’s fashions on the field and dancing is just fantastic! Other wonderful event days held by Evermore include Christmas with secret Santa, beautiful Christmas lunch, Mother’s day and Father’s day.

Most people when they enter Evermore are overcome by the beauty as it’s like being on a cruise ship with happy hour from 4.30pm daily. During the football season we have a excellent tipping competition between the Evermore residents and those who have never watched football before are involved and its so good as it’s a great talking point between ourselves!

My advice to anyone considering a retirement village is you must visit Evermore and see it for yourself – just don’t think about it, you won’t be sorry and like me, you’ll love it!


Margaret (R) and Evermore resident friend Lesley (L) enjoying themselves at the 4th Floor Spa and Bar BBQ at Evermore. Such a gorgeous view over Wallis Lake and the sunset!  

- Margaret loves living at Evermore!

We thoroughly investigated every retirement village in our area. Nothing fulfilled our needs and then we came to Evermore! It ticked all our boxes. We’ve now been living at Evermore for almost 9 months. We find the management and staff very pleasant and extra helpful and we find all the residents very friendly.
Every day we thank God for the privilege of living in Evermore and being part of the Evermore family!

- Bruce