Winter is Upon Us - Care with Colleen

With Winter upon us it is the time to nurture the mind, body and soul. Here are a few tips to keep your spirits high over the chilly season;


Dress in layers to maintain a comfortable temperature as the day changes and keep your feet and shoulders warm. Make sure your home is kept warm and snug. If you are concerned about the cost of heating, be sure to have a look online to see if you can find a better electricity and gas rate.  CLICK HERE for a quick online comparison to see if you can save on your power and gas bills and check out some useful tips at


Healthy aging and exercise go hand in hand. This does not mean you need to run marathons to enjoy the benefits. Approach new activity at your own pace. A walk on a sunny winter day, a swim in the heated pool or exercise to a video.  Physical activity will stave off the winter chills, so make sure you enlist a friend who may be stuck indoors for some fun and activity too. Perhaps it is time for a tasty soup, a cuppa, a crossword and a game of cards to lift the spirits and keep the grey matter active.  

There are many activities in the area that are very reasonably priced or subsidised by the government so give me a call on 02 6557 5005 if you would like further information or help find them.


At the end of the day snuggle down with a warm throw rug, watch a favourite movie and warm your hands on a steamy mug of hot chocolate.

Made with good quality cocoa, a mug of this luxuriously steamy goodness contains an antioxidant concentration almost twice as strong as red wine, three times stronger than green tea and four times stronger than black tea. Better still, the flavonoids help your body process nitric oxide, which is why hot cocoa can improve blood flow, help lower your blood pressure and improve heart health. 

Cheers and Good Health