Moving from home to a retirement village

The day has come - moving day! Time to get the keys and begin a wonderful new chapter in life. CONGRATULATIONS!

The decision has been made- your home is sold and now it is time to pack.

Firstly, gather the right equipment. Boxes, tape, paper, a marker to label boxes etc. Ask friends for boxes or purchase small to medium size boxes from your removalist. The small/ medium sizes are far easier to manage at both ends. Make sure you have bags for garbage and boxes for donation. 

Sorting through a life time of collections, memories and household goods can be daunting and author Marie Kondo has some excellent advice. She recommends decluttering room by room, tackle belongings by subject, starting with what is easiest to part with. So, all the clothes, then all the books, then documents, then miscellany and, last and most difficult, photos and mementos.

This is the perfect time to hand family paperwork and mementoes to children and renew your furniture. As most retirement apartments are compact think quality rather than quantity. 

Once the packing is done, enlist friends for a major clean or employ a cleaner for the day.

Make sure you have notified everyone and have your mail transferred for at least three months. When it comes to power, internet, Foxtel and phones, talk to your village manager who may refer you to the IT Manager with information about changing or keeping your supplier and various deals the village may have. The village manager can also assist with electoral role forms and the like. 

On arrival you can expect a personal welcome from your village manager who will go through your apartment with you and present you with your village pass, village information and a welcome pack to get you started. 

Make a cuppa and take in the luxury before starting to unpack. Enjoy the whole experience and make sure the removalists place the boxes in their respective rooms. If required, the village staff can provide assistance with this task. 

After unpacking, the boxes will be collected and you can then really start to take in your new surroundings. Now is a good time to start new resolutions.

An important but not compulsory event is seeing your Registered Nurse/ Care Manager where you can discuss all your personal and healthcare needs. The Registered Nurse is always available to talk and discuss care and wellbeing.  

The main thing to remember is you have chosen a luxurious resort as your new home. The staff are here for YOU and will help with any settling in needs.

Cheers and happy packing,