Everyone at Evermore is ecstatic about the upcoming completion of stage 3 and welcoming in our new residents! They are doubly excited about utilising the uber designed fourth floor spa and bar with views to Wallis Lake and beyond! “We are on track to complete the 29 luxuriously appointed stage 3 apartments for March 31 2017”, said Mal Kukus Construction Manager and Partner of Evermore Retirement Living. Things are going so well, we started construction of the stage 4 and 5 Basement carparks in January this year. It gives us plenty of time to focus on the craftsmanship that is reflected in the quality of our retirement apartments.

From the 29 apartments, there are 6, 2 bedroom apartments left to sell in stage 3 which can be secured for just a $1000 deposit. The scaffolding and covers came off this week to allow the tradesmen to complete the finishing touches with amazing results. The natural ligh filltering through the main bedroom and living areas give all the apartments a sense of openness. A new feature with the stage 3 designs is the direct ensuite access between the main bedroom and bathroom which has proven to be very popular.

Additional lift access will be available in Stage 3 as a third lift will come online servicing from the carpark basement to 4th floor.

If you’d like more information about stage 3 apartments, please make an appointment with Braden directly on 02 6528 0403 Monday to Friday.

PS - Evermore will be hosting another Open Day on Saturday 29th of April.