Evermore 'Care' by Graeme

Evermore's philosophy for a caring environment is that we provide a safe, comfortable, outstandingly relaxing place to retire, to spend an extended lifespan in comfort and security knowing that we do "care" in all of its broadest terms.

Our vision for care is multi-dimensional, focussing on the needs of each individual and is dynamic and ever-changing.

While not all residents need "care" 24/7, and certainly not all residents need continual "care", the emphasis on maintenance, protection and providing for the wellbeing of our "active, independent retirees" is our daily paradigm.

Internally, "Care" is provided in a number of ways, by:

  • 24/7 onsite care from clinical staff
  • Activities are programmed on a monthly basis and offered to residents
  • Ensuring that residents have "down time" to stay social with like-minded residents
  • Cleaning staff who ensure that the village is kept to its optimum cleanliness
  • Hospitality staff who provide restaurant quality meals and drinks in 5-star style
  • Maintenance staff who manage our landscaping, maintenance and odd jobs
  • Management who ensure that regulatory controls and processes are set in place, with compliance and governance audits exceeding standards for retirement living

Evermore fully supports its resident's engagement in the local community including relationships with local sporting and activity groups, local government initiatives, entertainment and leisure centres, transport groups and services supported by the Commonwealth and State Governments.

Evermore's entire team applies safety, security and comfort "care" processes to ensure our residents enjoy personalised, preventative and well-being enhancing "care".