Ann's Story

Hear Ann's story retiring from Port Macquarie to Evermore Forster

I made the decision to move to Evermore just on 1 year ago and was living at Lake Macquarie overlooking the lake. I have been waiting for the regret to set in but happily surprised that it hasn't. I've been far too busy within the Evermore and local communities to be pondering my future. Evermore and the Great Lakes region is such a fantastic place to retire.

Living at Evermore has provided me with such a wonderful lifestyle that I couldn't achieve at Lake Macquarie - affordable, convenient, safe, hassle and stress free - so glad I made the decision to relocate and down size to a brand new, ultra-modern retirement village at Forster. It's genuinely the best decision I have made in a long while.

Some of the reasons I relocated to Evermore:

- Super central location where it's 5 min flat walk to the cafes, lakeside, township, medical precinct and just a couple of more mins to Main Beach
- Pleasantly overwhelmed at all the high quality facilities and luxurious apartments at such an affordable price
- Having the freedom that I can go travelling anytime and any duration, close my front door knowing my apartment will be safe and secure
- Don't have any concerns about my future as I'm aging. Whilst Evermore offers independent living it also has supported living options if and when it's required - for me it won't be for a while but knowing it's here is just another feather in its cap. A definite tick for new age retirement living.

I recently returned to Lake Macquarie to visit family and friends and they were amazed and astounded of my transformation. They all knew how I was living alone and keeping to myself, stressed out about the home maintenance and the responsibilities with it. I am now living the dream, meeting and socialising with so many like-minded people within Evermore and being involved in local clubs and activities. Whether it's attending a race day event (check out Evermore Facebook) with the Evermore crew or out to dancing or Dragon Boat training - it has it all and more.

I've assisted with Evermore's Open days over the past months and I sometimes hear from attendees that 'they are not ready yet' or 'too young' to relocate to Evermore as most are in their mid to late 70's. I say do it as soon as you can as you won't be looking back only onwards and upwards. This village truly enhances one's lifestyle - isn't that what life's all about at our age?

As we the residents say, 'Evermore Retirement Living is more like a 5 Star resort than a retirement village'. My family and I are very happy and assured that moving to Evermore has been a very good decision for me and given them peace of mind that their Mother is living in a wonderful retirement village in Forster.

See you at the upcoming open day on the 14th of January. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.